Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church





Through Your Mercy



I was wandering in the dark

‘cause I was dead and lost in sins

I was eradicating my ‘self’ in loss

‘cause I couldn’t cease desiring Nirvana


I am now washed and cleansed

As the Spirit of God begets me from above

I am now found and flourished

As my ‘self’ is home in Imago Dei once again


God has created in me a new heart

As Jesus is welcome to my heart anew

The Holy Ghost gives life to my poor body

So that I may walk on earth with heaven in sight


Never shall I fear evils or foes in this life and beyond

I know Your mercy is new, fresh, and sufficient all the way

Never shall I boast about my walk or my works again

It was, is, and will be, solely through Your mercy I am saved


Inspiration from Titus 3:5; Eph.2:1-2; Romans 8:10-11; Lamentations 3:22
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

15 November 2020

Truly Mindful of Us…


We play no part in what God has planned for us

He redeemed us out of His unique fondness of mankind

He creates us anew in Christ for good things to come

The God of heavens is truly mindful of us, the chosen


Christmas symbolizes God’s option for life and light

The LORD God has taken sides with us the peoples

He is Immanuel – the “God-with-us” in Jesus the man

The God of Israel is truly mindful of us, the called


Jesus’ come to teach and show us the way Divine

The way of blessedness is truly narrow and difficult

God, however, has perfect ways to lead us through

The LORD of hosts is truly mindful of us, the heirs


Inspiration from Psalm 8; Titus 3:7; Eph.2:10; Matt.1:23
By Pastor Tomas

04 November 2020

In Him was Life…Light


Dark hours of life cloud eyes of faith from time to time
But that Christ enlightens us about life does come true
For in Him, never shall we become blind and wild

Threats to life are a present reality to reckon with
But that we’re hidden with Christ is the truth to resonate
For in Him, never shall we lose this life in regret

Darkness may promote sin and shame
But it has no right over us to bind and blind
Only Christ – our very Light – will beat and bless

Death may bring to us fear and tears
But it has no power over us to rein and ruin
Only Christ – our very Life – will reign and rule


Inspiration from John 1:1-5; Colossians 3:3
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

20 October 2020



Wisdom that enriches life is everywhere
Let one who lives seek it anywhere

Who is entitled to wisdom so special?
To him who asks God for it in prayer

Christ alone is God’s wisdom in person
Let’s take heed to Jesus’ calling in action

Pastor-teachers are bearers of the Light
Let us seek wisdom from them in the Word


Inspiration from Proverbs 1-2, James 1:5-6, 1 Corinthians 1:24, Malachi 2:7
Pastor Tomas Zatel

11 October 2020

In His Mercy


Who brought me to this life I chose not?
God purposed me long before I was not


Why is God leading me, by twists and turns, all this way?
For what He wills for me is far different from all my way


Why do, at the hands of my enemies, I suffer much?
That, in His mercy, I may learn to hope and trust


How should I seek to respond to Him my LORD?
Trusting in His mercy, I must walk with Him alone


Inspiration from Psalm 13:5-6, Isaiah 55:8-9; Romans 8:28-30; Eph. 1:4:4
Pastor Tomas Zatel

27 September 2020

Faith and Favor


Faith comes to us through the Word God gives
Welcoming of the Word preached is all that it takes
Thessalonians have received the Word to embrace
Paul thanks God for how they regard the Word proclaimed


Faith becomes mature as we abide by its rule
Imitating of Christians and Christ is the way to go
Thessalonians have become a model to follow
We thank God that we too can imitate others to grow


Divine favor is behind every good name people earn
Exercising of faith in God is how favor from above comes
The elders of faith remain a historic example in this regard
The faith we have can be inspiration to others in this life


Inspiration from 1 Thessalonians 1:6, 2:13-14, 1:7-8; Hebrews 11:1-2
Pastor Tomas Zatel

23 September 2020