Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church





The LORD Does Care


Worries overwhelm and doubts arise
When everything seems to slip away;
My prayers will ascend to God afresh
Because I know the LORD does care

Sorrows plunge in and tears drop
When my secret fears shake my hope;
My salvation will descend from Him alone
Because I know the LORD does care

Mercy reigns over and peace prevails
When God arises to attend to my cry;
That day of deliverance is at the door
Because I know the LORD does care


Inspiration from 1 Peter 5:7
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

23 August 2020

Let Your Will Be Done


When life seems unfair and the future uncertain
Help and steadfast hope, our God shall truly give
Of this He promises us in all the Scriptures
Let us take them to our hearts seriously

When road gets tough and the going slippery
Strength and stamina, the LORD will surely grant
This, He provides for us through the Holy Spirit
Let us abide by the command constantly

When the hardest hits us; We are at loss what to do
One thing we must ask God is ‘Let Your will be done, O LORD!’
Whatever He wills is good and remains best for us
No matter how we are, ‘Let Your will be done for us, A men!’


Inspiration from Matthew 26:42; 6:9-13
By Pastor Tomas

23 August 2020

The LORD Has A Plan


The LORD has a plan for you and me
Let us stop devising ours to thrive
The WORD is given to you and me
Let us start believing it to live

The LORD paves a way for you and me
Down on the road is a future and hope
Only if we dare to follow Him
The LORD shows us His way to you and me
The way ahead is tough and steep
Only for us who walk by faith

The LORD has a thought for you and me
Let us cease wondering with what ‘ifs’
The LORD will lead us in triumph
As we surrender all our ways to Him


Inspiration from Isaiah 55:8-9; Jeremiah 29:10-11
Pastor Tomas Zatel

23 August 2020

The LORD Who Hears Us


The LORD indeed is a great and mighty God
Honoring the LORD as such is s a precept to follow
May we humbly seek to bless the LORD in our praise


We shall rise up to attest to the LORD
That He is the LORD who attends to our prayers offered
May we seek together to bless the LORD in our prayers


We sought the LORD and He heard our cries
He delivered us from all our fears, real and imagined
Let us bless the LORD who acts on behalf of us the poor


Inspiration from Psalm 34; 41
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

16 August 2020

The Promises Of God


God’s promises come to us in various forms
We are bound to learn more of who God is
If we are to take heed to His voice wholeheartedly


God always does things as He speaks
It was how God created things out of nothing
It is how God will honor all of His Word definitely


God works in us mightily as He promises
He comforts us much in our afflictions
He establishes us as His chosen people all together


We were born again to glorify God alone
Abiding by the Word is the way to do so
Let us seek to treasure the Word that lasts forever


Inspiration from Isaiah 55:11, Matthew 24:35;
Psalm 119:58, 65; 2 Corinthians 1:20-22
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

16 August 2020

Bless the LORD…


How would we bless the Lord indeed?
He blesses us in abundance; we are His beneficiaries
We thus bow to acknowledge that He is our everything


Why would we bless the Lord in fact?
For all the blessings He has bestowed
For all the love and care He has shown
Why not we bless the Lord afresh?


The Lord gives and forgives;
We are bloomed and pardoned
The Lord heals and redeems;
We are relieved and prospered
The Lord loves and feeds us;
We are renewed and prolonged
For this and others, must we bless Him all the times


We are dust. This, the Lord knows and remembers
We are His. This, the Lord assures us of in Christ
For this and others, must we bless Him all the day


Inspiration from Psalm 103
By Pastor Tomas

16 August 2020