Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church


Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Where Disciples display the mind of a scholar, the heart of a pastor and the spirit of a prophet.


Training people in faith and life within a model of authentic Christianity where God is touching lives and people care for people.


Full Time Teachers and Staff
  • Rev. Dr. Tomas Zatel (President)
  • Rev. John Zawn Nei Cuang (Vice- President)
  • Rev. Lal Nei Ham (Campus Director)
  • Saya Van Lal Thawng (Academic Dean)
  • Saya Tlang Than Kim (Registrar)
  • Saya Lal Hruai Thang (Student Dean)
  • Saya Timothy Hrang Kulh Luai (Librarian)
  • Saya James Khrih Muan Khum (Boys Warden)
  • Sayamah Ruthy Lal Than Lian
  • Sayamah Lal Eng Kim (Girls Warden)
  • Rev. Lal Ro Hngak (Office in charge)
  • Saya Van Nun Lian (IT Man)
  • Mr. Lal Hma Ngaih Thang (Cook)
Part Time Teachers
  • Rev. Dr. Smith Ngulh Za Thawng
  • Rev. Dr. Lal Tin Hre
  • Rev. Dr. Simon Bebin Hto
  • Rev. Dr. Cin Khan Vum
  • Saya Roland Thang
  • Sayamah Ngun Lily
  • Sayamah Lwann Thu
  • Sayamah Ayin