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Main Worship

Main Worship

Main Worship

Jul / 25 2021

“Be strong and of good courage” Joshua 1:1-8

INTRODUCTION 1. The Passing away of Moses a) He died in the land of Moab Deuteronomy 34:5a b) According to ....

Jul / 18 2021

“A man in whom is the Spirit” Numbers 27:18-23

INTRODUCTION 1. God’s Response to Moses a) It was given promptly b) It was given in direct answer to Moses’ ....

Jul / 11 2021

“Let the LORD set a man over the congregation” Numbers 27:15-17

INTRODUCTION 1. Moses, the man of God a) Known for his vast and deep knowledge b) Known also for being ....

Jul / 4 2021

The Conclusion of Life and Ministry Numbers 27:12-14

INTRODUCTION 1. The Call to Ministry a) Moses was called to Ministry late in life b) He was a shepherd ....

Jun / 27 2021

“I will meditate on the splendour of Your majesty” Psalm 145

INTRODUCTION 1. Meditation is most helpful a) In troubled times b) It can take away depressive and dark thoughts 2. ....

Jun / 20 2021

“I muse on the work of Your hands” Psalm 143

INTRODUCTION 1. A number of synonyms for the word “Meditate” a) Contemplate b) Ruminate c) Ponder d) Reflect e) Muse ....