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Main Worship

Main Worship

Main Worship

Apr / 18 2021

Stand fast… in the Spirit” Galatians 5

INTRODUCTION 1. The Call to Stand Fast Galatians 5 a) To stand firm b) To stand strong c) To stand ....

Apr / 11 2021

“Begun in the Spirit” Galatians 3-4

INTRODUCTION 1. The Special work of the Holy Spirit a) This is an important doctrine to know b) This is ....

Apr / 4 2021

“Christ lives in me” Galatians 2

INTRODUCTION 1. Salvation may be understood in different ways a) From a theological standpoint The key idea: Justification by faith ....

Mar / 28 2021

“Justified by faith in Christ” Galatians 2

INTRODUCTION 1. The Doctrine of Justification a) This is well-taught in the Scriptures b) Especially explained in the New Testament ....

Mar / 21 2021

“Our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus” Galatians 2

INTRODUCTION 1. The liberty (freedom) that the Lord gives a) And you shall know the truth John 8:32a b) And ....

Mar / 14 2021

“To reveal His Son”  Galatians 1

INTRODUCTION 1. The Doctrine of “Revelation” is a profound concept 2. It is well taught in the Scriptures consistently 3. ....