Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church





Great is the LORD…



Great is the Lord in His power: Manifold are His creations

He needs no help or aid to create

He simply fashions us for His glory

Great is the Lord in His wisdom; Marvelous are all His works

He asks not for idea nor counsel to proceed

He merely designs us for His purpose


Great is the Lord in His care; Multitude seeks food from Him

He needs no sustenance to sustain others

He kindly feeds us day and night


Great is the Lord in His judgment; Mankind He judges in truth

He removes all the wicked once for all

He finally reigns over us ‘in the light’


Great is the LORD in all that He is; Let us bless the LORD as such!

We are His, and He is ours; Let us bless Him now and always!


Inspiration from Psalm 104, Psalm 36:9
Written by Pastor Tomas Zatel

16 August 2020

The Blessed vs the Cursed



Blessed is

He who stays away from the wicked

Cursed is

He who seduces others to the evils

Only those who have no part with God-mockers

Such ones, God will surely bless!


Blessed is

He who meditates in the Law of the Lord

Cursed is

He who devises what is wrong within

Only if we are delighted in the Scriptures

Then only, will the Lord bless us!


Blessed is

He whose way is right and righteous

Cursed is

He who shall perish in his own way

Only those of us who walk by the Word

Forever, will we stay ‘blessed’


Inspiration from Psalm 1; 15:4, 1 Corinthians 15:33
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

18 July 2020

A Growing Faith


Jesus was concerned if He would find faith

When He returns

Let us ensure that our faith will grow

As time passes

A mustard seed that is tiny yet alive,

To this, the Lord likens our faith

Problems in life are anything but hard

Of this, the Lord assures us


What would such a genuine faith in God

Is capable of?

It makes sense of all that we are called

To go through

It helps us deepen our love for the Lord,

His Word, and His peoples

It aids us to carry others on our shoulders

As the need arises in life


How may we cultivate a growing faith

As we ought to?

Let us seek to let the Word of God sink

Into our hearts

When knowledge enters into the heart

Wisdom, it has become indeed

Faith, after all, is divine wisdom nourished

In the written Word of God



Inspiration from Matthew 17:20; Luke 18:8; Genesis 18:14: Pro.2:2,10-11; 1 Tim.4:6; Matt.13:32
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

28 June 2020

ငါချစ်ရာသခင်သည် ငါ့ကို ဆိုင်တော်မူ၏


ကိုယ်စွမ်း ဉာဏ်စွမ်း
ရှိသမျှ အစွမ်းတွေထုတ်
ကြိုးစားလို့ လုပ်အားပြ


သားချော့တဲ့တေး – မသီကြွေးရပေမယ့်
လူတွေရဲ့ကြား – ခါးသီးမှုတွေ မျိုသိပ်ခဲ့ရတယ်။
ထမင်းဟင်းချက် – ခွံ့မကျွေးခဲ့ရပေမယ့်
ဒီထမင်းဟင်း – အဆင်သင့်ဖြစ်ဖို့
နေပူမိုးရွာ – လှုပ်ရှားခဲ့ရတယ်။

အိမ်တွင်းမှာလျှော်ဖွပ် – အိမ်မှုတွေမပြုရပေမယ့်
ပူပြင်းတဲ့နေရောင်အောက် – ကျောပြင်ကို တောင့်တင်းပြီး
လောကဓံကိုရင်ဆိုင် – မိသားစုတွက်ယှဉ်ပြိုင်ရင်း


ဒီတော့ –
အမေ့ရဲ့တွဲလက်ဆက်နေပါမှ –
အမောလည်းပြေ – အားမာန်တွေပြည့်
ရှေ့ဆက်မယ့်လမ်း – ဘယ်လောက်ကြမ်းစေ



Lwan Thu (Pagu)

22 June 2020

Abba, Father


Father of lights spoke from heaven above

‘This is my beloved,’ as Jesus had Himself baptized

This is the confidence the Lord Jesus embraced

Despite all the challenges He had to go through


Christ our Savior had come as one of us

‘You are my brethren,’ He lovingly declared unto us

The Lord our God, thus, is our Father together

We are God’s beloved, just as Christ Jesus is


The Lord Himself taught us to address God

‘Our Father in heaven,’ whenever we seek His favor

This is the creed of faith we all must cherish

No matter how oblivious our future may appear


The Spirit of God adopts us as God’s own

‘Abba, Father;’ This, we utter as we pray unto God

This is the spirit of faith we all share with Christ

May we honor ‘Abba, our Father,’ now and forever


Inspiration from Mathew 3:17, 6:9 ff; Hebrews 2:11, Romans 8:15-16
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

21 June 2020

The Promises of God


God’s promises come to us in various forms
We are bound to learn more of who God is
If we are to take heed to His voice wholeheartedly

God always does things as He speaks
It was how God created things out of nothing
It is how God will honor all of His Word definitely

God works in us mightily as He promises
He comforts us much in our afflictions
He establishes us as His chosen people all together

We were born again to glorify God alone
Abiding by the Word is the way to do so
Let us seek to treasure the Word that lasts forever

Inspiration from Isaiah 55:11, Matthew 24:35; Psalm 119:58, 65; 2 Corinthians 1:20-22
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

20 June 2020