Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church





WEEKEND PASTORAL LETTER                                              8 March 2020


Dear Brethren,


 Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began    2 Timothy 1:9



1. Salvation and Calling

a) Salvation was not given because of our works

b) The calling of God was also not given because of our works


2. The Holy Calling of God

a) We need to remember that God’s calling is truly “a holy calling”

b) The emphasis on the word “holy”

i) Because God is essentially holy

ii) His calling is also obviously holy

iii) Those who wish to serve the Lord must seek to practise holiness

iv) The person who is profane is disqualified from holy service


3. According to His own purpose and grace

a) Features of God’s calling summarized

i) It is a holy calling

ii) It is a calling marked also by a high sense of purpose

iii) The grace of God must be kept in full view all the time

b) These features

i) They were already taught

ii) They are highlighted as a reminder to Timothy

iii) It is good that we are reminded of these great truths time and again



1. Review our understanding of the following:

a) Our salvation

b) Our calling

c) Our service given to the Lord


2. Revival of our hearts

a) To serve with a sense of holiness

b) To serve with a high sense of purpose

c) To serve with a deep sense of humility as we take note of God’s grace


3. Renewal of commitment

a) This is a good thing to practise

b) The renewal of commitment in service has the promise of blessing:

i) Hearts would be encouraged

ii) Lives would be challenged

iii) Our ministry would grow further



Pastor Charles Tan