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Tribulations in Divine Perspective

Tribulations in Divine Perspective


Trial, regardless of what it is, makes us wise and wiser

Only when we know that God allows it for a reason

And thus accept it as it really is!

How does one know this for sure?

It is through an effective faith that believes in God and His Word

That we are certain that suffering is part of God’s will



Tribulation, be it common or peculiar, makes us deep and deeper

Only when we recognize it as God’s means to make us whole

And learn to live with it as it is meant!

How is that possible in real life?

It is through God’s grace that energizes us so significantly

That we dare to hope in God against all kinds of hopelessness



Suffering, physical or psychological, makes us strong and stronger

Only when we discern Divine purpose embedded in it

And seek to fulfill it as it is foreordained!

How sensible is this doctrine?

It is none other than God Himself who works in us so mightily

That we become God’s channels of salvation and consolation