Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church


The Sufferings of Christ abound in us

The Sufferings of Christ abound in us


How does one become right with God and thus righteous?

It is always through Christ Jesus and His redemptive works

We are declared ‘just and righteous’ as God identifies us with Christ His Beloved Son

This is always how we become partakers of the grace of God manifested


What else is there for us to look for as we are identified with Christ Jesus?

Is it not that we are privileged to believe and suffer accordingly?

God has purposed since eternity in the past that the sufferings of Christ abound in us

This is exactly how God’s supply of grace and peace are meant to increase


There would actually come a time for us to undergo suffering of all kinds

Let’s know why we suffer such things, common and peculiar

Something good will finally come out of the sufferings on account of truth and light

This is precisely when we grow deeper and sharper, not just older, in Christ