Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church


Sin And I

Sin And I


I lived like a saint self-deceived
Sin was dormant within me
I knew not what sin was like
Until I was taught in the law

I acted like a beast at bay
Sin made me a monster untamed
I crawled hidden to please myself
Until I was taught in the Lord

I struggle like a sheep ensnared
I do what I should not do
I fail to do what I must do
Until I am freed in the end

I pray like a monk on his death bed
That I may be pure like a child
Free of charges of sins of all three kans
Until I am arhat in Christ

I cry like a helpless tramp
“O wretched person that I am”
“Jesus, help me that I may choose You”
Until I am home in Paradise


Three kans = kaya-kan(physical acts),wesi-kan(oral acts), and manaw-kan(mental or heart-related
Arhat = worthy one