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Job and Anatta

Job and Anatta

Did Job love God for nothing? He did; God knew so well.

Though tried hard, Job would not give in to temptations, or blame others;

But he would keep hanging on to God even in moments of despair.

For he knew he and his possessions were gifts of God;

He did not conceive himself apart from God the Source.

And thus went praying, “Naked I came; naked I go!”


Did God prove Satan wrong at all? He did; Satan was silenced.

While on trials, no cursing of God, no blaming of God, on Job’s lips;

But only a hesitant raising of a hand to God asking ‘why?’

For he was aware neither he nor God had wronged the other;

He saw no match between his kamma and his losses.

And thus continued testifying, “God is right; God is gracious!”


Must all love God for nothing? Yea; This, God expects of us all.

Sincerely one may ask, “How could I truly love God for nothing at all?”

As both Jesus and Gautama affirm atta by abnegating atta,

So I also must seek to abide by their words of wisdom,

Accepting that I am anatta apart from God the Self,

And thus keep loving, “Anatta I was; Divine I become!”



Annata            =  no-self/non-self

Kamma           =  deeds

Atta                   =  self/soul