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Jesus and Sunnata

Jesus and Sunnata

Sunnata is anything

Sunnata is neither a thing nor a condition

But the ultimate potentiality; thus, begetting and restoring all

Sunnata transcends all

Sunnata is both samsara and nibbana

For the transcendent reality; hence, embracing and filling all

God is sunnataic

God is neither a being nor a non-being

But the ultimate Source of all; thus, begetting and creating all

God is Self-emptying

God is both a three and a one

For the triune God in history; thus, revealing as Father, Son, and Spirit

Jesus empties Himself

Jesus can be neither defined nor formulated

But He is the God Emptied; thus, reconciling and enlightening all

Jesus is sunnataic

Jesus is both divine and human

For He is the God Emptied; hence, embracing and saving all



Sunnata           =  emptiness/void

Samsara           = circle of births and rebirths

Nibbana           = extinction of birth (and thus of suffering)