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Habakkuk’s Instrument

Habakkuk’s Instrument


It was when the violence arose; the question ‘how long?’ was echoed;
It’s beyond the prophet’s burden, as God’s silence continued.
In the midst of contention and strife, another question ‘why?’ being made;
The prophet saw it as unfair, that the righteous seemed to fade.

(the Mistake -Chapter 1)


As the complaints delivered to God so far, yet the appointed time came for truth;
“Behold no upright in the proud, but ‘the just shall live by faith’”.
Woe to the covetous, iniquity, and liar, who dare question and stand against Him;

“For God is in His Temple, Let all keep silence before Him.”

(the Message-Chapter 2)


It is now after hearing the voice of God; the prophet with creatures was afraid;
The power of God greatly shakes him, he questioned God no more but obeyed.
Here starts the prophet’s new song, “though the fig tree may not blossom;
There be no herd in the stalls, I will ever rejoice at His bosom.”

(the Messenger-Chapter 3)