Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church





G – God has always been good and kind to us

Despite all our faults and fouls;

He has persistently sought to make us (the dead) alive in Christ Jesus,

Though we were ignorantly wicked in His sight


R –  Running against that which is evil is all God embraces

So that He may defeat and end it forever;

He foreordained Christ for our redemption, having our debts paid in full on the Cross

While we were still sinners in His very sight


A –  Against is a preposition used to speak of negative reactions

To anything or anybody we encounter;

God has battled against Satan and his cohorts, enabling us to believe in Jesus,

Who alone is the Christ of the living God


C –  Corruption in all degrees is the essence of life after the Fall

This truth is witnessed by all in words and deeds;

God has begotten us in Christ anew, teaching us to walk worthy

Of His grace and mercy undeservedly given


E –  Eden was a garden our first parents were placed

To toil and till within the Divine rule;

Adam and Eve had corrupted themselves, when they chose to be deaf and blind to God

Eden became a symbol of separation and death


God runs against (the) corrupt Eden!