Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church


Good Friday

Good Friday



The hour has finally come for Jesus to drink the cup of suffering

This is none other than the cup of judgement, full of the horrible wrath of God

Would Jesus rue the day?

He could if He were to choose not to redeem you and me

That would truly be a day of doom and darkness


The Son of Man must fulfill what was written of Him in the Scriptures

As it has been written of Him, Jesus the Lord of glory is to be stricken by God Himself

Could Jesus ruin the plan?

He could if He were to leave our destiny to you and me

That would really be a day of loss and sorrow


Today is Friday, a day before the Sabbath, for the Jews, then and now

Jesus has paid “the wages of sin” in full, fulfilling all the Scriptures foretold of Him

“It’s finished,” He said

He has accomplished the redemptive works for you and me

This makes today Good Friday for us all