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Covid-19 Teaches

Covid-19 Teaches


Covid-19 teaches

Life is absolutely fragile in every sense of the word

Hundreds of thousands of people are infected with the virus

Tens of thousands of lives were lost across the globe

How fragile we really are!

Let us seek to carefully protect this very life of us


Covid-19 teaches

Life is collectively shared, and it thus is communal

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to help the sick

Many health workers risk their own lives to save others

How together we must be!

Let us do our parts following ‘orders and guidelines’


Covid-19 teaches

Life is individually loaned to us all as a gift from above

We have no control over our own life, no matter how hard we try

Now is a time to realize and reckon with this truth

No one escapes God’s rule!

Let us come to our senses today, not tomorrow