Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church


Abba, Father

Abba, Father


Father of lights spoke from heaven above

‘This is my beloved,’ as Jesus had Himself baptized

This is the confidence the Lord Jesus embraced

Despite all the challenges He had to go through


Christ our Savior had come as one of us

‘You are my brethren,’ He lovingly declared unto us

The Lord our God, thus, is our Father together

We are God’s beloved, just as Christ Jesus is


The Lord Himself taught us to address God

‘Our Father in heaven,’ whenever we seek His favor

This is the creed of faith we all must cherish

No matter how oblivious our future may appear


The Spirit of God adopts us as God’s own

‘Abba, Father;’ This, we utter as we pray unto God

This is the spirit of faith we all share with Christ

May we honor ‘Abba, our Father,’ now and forever