Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church


A Growing Faith

A Growing Faith


Jesus was concerned if He would find faith

When He returns

Let us ensure that our faith will grow

As time passes

A mustard seed that is tiny yet alive,

To this, the Lord likens our faith

Problems in life are anything but hard

Of this, the Lord assures us


What would such a genuine faith in God

Is capable of?

It makes sense of all that we are called

To go through

It helps us deepen our love for the Lord,

His Word, and His peoples

It aids us to carry others on our shoulders

As the need arises in life


How may we cultivate a growing faith

As we ought to?

Let us seek to let the Word of God sink

Into our hearts

When knowledge enters into the heart

Wisdom, it has become indeed

Faith, after all, is divine wisdom nourished

In the written Word of God