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“Your servant meditates on Your statutes” Psalm 119:1-32

“Your servant meditates on Your statutes” Psalm 119:1-32


1. An Unknown Author

2. But important details may be discovered about the Psalmist

3. Understanding and appreciating Psalm 119

4. Written by a Skilful writer

a) Acrostic Style

b) The Hebrew Alphabet (22 letters)

c) The entire Psalm has 22 stanzas

d) Each Stanza has 8 verses

e) In each Stanza a special focus is dealt with

f) All the Stanzas are intricately connected and interwoven



(Aleph Stanza: Psalm 119:1-8)

1. Observation of those who are truly righteous

a) They are undefiled Psalm 119:1a

b) They walk in the law of the LORD Psalm 119:1b

c) They keep His testimonies Psalm 119:2a

d) They seek God with the whole heart Psalm 119:2b

e) They are blessed! Psalm 119:1a, 2a

2. Clear Command of God remembered

To keep His precepts diligently Psalm 119:4a

3. Obvious failure in the life of the Psalmist

a) He compares his life

b) He confesses his lack

4. Commencement of a New Walk with God

a) He will direct his ways to keep God’s statutes Psalm 119:5a

b) He looks forward to learning God’s judgments Psalm 119:7b

c) He determines to keep God’s statutes Psalm 119:8a



(Beth Stanza: Psalm 119:9-16)

1. The New Chapter of life

a) Cleansing

i) Recognition of the need of cleansing Psalm 119:9a

ii) Recognition of the place of God’s word Psalm 119:9b

b) Seeking God

i) With the whole heart Psalm 119:10a

ii) Dealing with the problem of straying Psalm 119:10b

c) Hiding God’s word in the heart

i) The battle against sin Psalm 119:11a

ii) The Vital role of God’s word Psalm 119:11b

d) Prayer to God

i) That God would teach Psalm 119:12b

ii) Blessing God for being Teacher Psalm 119:12a

e) Appropriate Response to God’s word

i) To rejoice in the Lord’s testimonies Psalm 119:14a

ii) To meditate on God’s precepts Psalm 119:15a

iii) To contemplate on God’s ways Psalm 119:15b

iv) To delight in God’s statutes Psalm 119:16a

v) Determining not to forget God’s word Psalm 119:16b



(Gimel Stanza: Psalm 119:17-24)

1. Vital Prayers

a) That God would deal bountifully Psalm 119:17a

b) That God would open the eyes to see

wondrous things from His law Psalm 119:18

2. Struggles in life

a) A stranger on earth Psalm 119:19a

b) The proud people who despise the righteous Psalm 119:21-23



1. The Rough times of life

a) When the soul “clings to the dust” Psalm 119:25a

b) When Revival is needed Psalm 119:25b

c) Heaviness of the heart

“My soul melts from heaviness” Psalm 119:28a

2. When Understanding is not forthcoming easily

a) An appeal to God to teach Psalm 119:26b

b) A stronger appeal made

“Make me understand” Psalm 119:27a

3. The Place of Meditation

a) Understanding of the need for Meditation

“So shall I meditate on Your wonderful works” Psalm 119:27b

b) A prayer for strength

“Strengthen me according to Your word” Psalm 119:28b

c) A humble plea

“Grant me Your law graciously” Psalm 119:29b



1. Choice

“I have chosen the way of truth” Psalm 119:30a

2. Clinging

“I cling to Your testimonies” Psalm 119:31a

3. Running the course

“I will run the course of Your commandments” Psalm 119:32a