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“The words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart” Psalm 19

“The words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart” Psalm 19


1. Meditation in the Night Psalm 4

2. Meditation in the Morning Psalm 5

3. Learning how we may Improve Meditation

So that we can cope better with life’s many pressures Psalm 12



1. The Problems of Life never go away

a) They come in many forms

b) Ultimately, they add unwelcome pressure to life

2. Pressure of life from the absence of godly people Psalm 12:1

a) The godly ceases

b) The faithful disappears

3. Pressure of Life increases with the presence of ungodly people Psalm 12:2-4

a) People who engage in idle talk (gossip)

b) People who speak with deceptive flattering lips

c) People who are insincere and have “double hearts”

d) People who are arrogant in their outlook of life



1. He will respond to Prayers offered

a) Asking for divine help Psalm 12:1

“Help, LORD”

b) Expressing a wish to God Psalm 12:3

“May the LORD cut off all flattering lips,

And the tongue that speaks proud things”

c) Telling God what the arrogant have said Psalm 12:4

i) “Who have said, ‘With our tongues will prevail;’”

ii) “Our lips are our own”

iii) “Who is lord over us?”

2. The LORD gives a precious Promise in response Psalm 12:5

a) The poor

“For the oppression of the poor”

b) The needy

 “For the sighing of the needy”

c) Rising up

“Now I will arise”

d) Safety

“I will set him in the safety for which he yearns”



1. A deep appreciation of the worth of God’s Promise Psalm 12:6

a) Purity of God’s word

“The words of the LORD are pure words”

b) Imagery of pure silver

“Like silver tried in the furnace of earth,

purified seven times”

2. Exercising faith that God would keep His word Psalm 12:7

a) Honouring the word

“You shall keep them, O LORD”

b) Preserving the word

“You shall preserve them from

this generation forever”

3. Unafraid of the Pressures exerted by enemies Psalm 12:8

a) The presence of the wicked

 “The wicked prowl on every side”

b) The exaltation of vileness

“When vileness is exalted among the sons of men”



1. Meditation is in part Praying to God

2. It is also contemplating on God’s Word

3. Meditation can bring forth wonderful results

a) Peace to the heart

b) Needed assurance

c) Dispelling fears