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“The washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit” Titus 3

“The washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit” Titus 3


1. An honest appraisal of our life before salvation

2. Paul’s candid remarks about himself

a) We ourselves were also once (sinful)

b) List of things confessed: Titus 3:3

i) Foolish

ii) Disobedient

iii) Deceived

iv) Serving various lusts

v) And pleasures

vi) Living in malice

vii) And envy

viii) Hateful

ix) And hating one another

3. The Salvation given by the Lord to be appreciated afresh



1. God as Saviour Titus 1:1-3

a) The hope of eternal life Titus 1:2a

b) From God as One who cannot lie Titus 1:2b

c) God’s plan before time began Titus 1:2c

d) Manifested through preaching Titus 1:3a

e) According to God’s command Titus 1:3b

2. The Lord Jesus as Saviour

a) The Lord Jesus as our Saviour Titus 1:4

b) The grace of God that brings salvation

has appeared to all men Titus 2:11

i) And the Word became flesh John 1:14a

ii) And we beheld His glory John 1:14b

iii) As of the only begotten

of the Father John 1:14c

iv) Full of grace and truth John 1:14d

v) And of His fulness we have all received,

And grace for grace John 1:16

v) Grace and truth came

through Jesus Christ John 1:17

c) Looking for the blessed hope

and glorious appearing of our great God

and Saviour Jesus Christ Titus 2:13

d) Who gave Himself for us

e) That He might redeem us

i) From every lawless deed Titus 2:14a

ii) And purify for Himself Titus 2:14b

iii) His own special people

zealous for every good work Titus 2:14c

3. The Holy Spirit’s work in our salvation

Through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit Titus 3:5c

a) Regeneration

b) Born again Doctrine John 3:3

c) This is a special work that the Holy Spirit does

i) Invisibly

ii) Internally

iii) As we exercise faith in the Lord Jesus Christ


1. The teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ to Nicodemus

a) Most assuredly I say to you John 3:3a

b) Unless one is born again

he cannot see the kingdom of God John 3:3b

c) Unless one is born of water and the Spirit,

he cannot see the kingdom of God John 3:5

2. The washing of regeneration

a) Washing

i) Cleansing

ii) A deep work

iii) This is a necessary work

b) Regeneration

i) Born again concept

ii) This is a special work of the Spirit of God

iii) We are given a new spiritual life



1. Knowledge of the work of the Holy Spirit

a) This is important

b) It must be gained

c) It helps us to understand and appreciate our salvation better

d) It helps us understand the Spirit’s work further

2. Other works of the Spirit of God in our life

a) He teaches

b) He convicts

c) He guides

d) He reveals

e) He empowers

3. Appropriate responses

a) Yielding to the Spirit

b) Seeking to be filled

c) Bearing the fruit of the Spirit