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“The Revelation of Jesus Christ” 1 Peter 1

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ” 1 Peter 1


1. He came to bring salvation to the world

a) His blood would sanctify all believers             1 Peter 1:2

b) He would suffer for our sins           1 Peter 1:11

c) He would be the Lamb of God           1 Peter 1:19

i) Precious blood

ii) Without blemish

iii) Without spot

d) He would be resurrected from the dead           1 Peter 1:3

i) Glories would follow         1 Peter 1:11

ii) God gave Him glory           1 Peter 1:21

2. His first coming was prophesied

a) By the prophets            1 Peter 1:12

b) The Spirit of God ministered through them           1 Peter 1:12

c) His life and message became our “Gospel”           1 Peter 1:25

3. Great consequences of all that Christ came to do

a) He has begotten us to a living hope           1 Peter 1:3

b) He has given us an eternal inheritance            1 Peter 1:4

c) He has given us joy inexpressible            1 Peter 1:8



(Peter’s word “revelation”)

1. God’s salvation would be made complete when Christ returns           1 Peter 1:5

a) Salvation is described differently here

b) Coming to faith in Christ is only the commencement

c) Salvation in Christ is to expressed in our life consistently

d) Salvation’s plan is completed when Christ returns and is revealed           1 Peter 1:9

2. Certainty of the Revelation of Christ

a) It is expressed time and again

b) This is stated for emphasis

c) It is stated as a reminder           1 Peter 1:5, 7, 13,



1. Having a tested and proven faith that would bring to Christ

a) Praise

b) Honour

c) Glory          1 Peter 1:7

2. Having a Life consecrated fully to the LORD

a) Full of hope         1 Peter 1:13

b) Trusting the grace of God          1 Peter 1:13

c) Living a holy life          1 Peter 1:15-16

d) A strong faith and hope in God         1 Peter 1:21

3. A strong sense of brotherhood in Christ

a) Purified souls           1 Peter 1:22a

b) Obedience to the truth             1 Peter 1:22b

c) Sincere love for the brethren            1 Peter 1:22c