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“The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead” 1 Peter 1:3, 21

“The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead” 1 Peter 1:3, 21

“The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead”            1 Peter 1:3, 21


1. The celebration of Easter has to do with the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead

2. This is a vital doctrine that must be carefully understood in greater depth



1. The Life of Jesus had a number of components

a) Being Jesus the Christ

b) Bearing His sufferings

c) Shedding His precious blood shed

d) His resurrection

2. Every aspect of His life has vital ramifications

a) His teachings

b) His life-example

c) His deeds

3. Each aspect must be studied carefully

a) We run the risk of making trivial the Life of Christ otherwise

b) There must be Application

c) Great carefulness must be taken to apply correctly



1. His resurrection is associated with our living hope          1 Peter 1:3

a) Our salvation is related to all Jesus promised

b) He promised the hope of salvation

c) This is a living hope and it is tied in to His resurrection

2. The Resurrection of Jesus

a) It points to life after death

b) Thus, we speak of having a living hope

i) When we die, we will not just fade away into nothingness

ii) We have a hope of life beyond this earth

3. The Resurrection of Jesus assures us of our Eternal Inheritance

a) This will not fade away

b) This inheritance is reserved in heaven         1 Peter 1:4



1. He is not just involved in Foreknowledge

2. He was the One wo raised Jesus from the dead         1 Peter 1:21

3. God also gave Him glory         1 Peter 1:21

4. It takes great Divine power to raise Jesus from the dead



1. The gospel that we preach

a) It must focus on the Teachings of Jesus

b) His work of redemption must be taught

c) It must include the Resurrection of Jesus

2. The word of God

a) It endures forever         1 Peter 1:25

b) This word is also the Gospel we proclaim           1 Peter 1:25