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“My lovingkindness I will not utterly take from him” Psalm 89:30-37; 1 Kings 11

“My lovingkindness I will not utterly take from him” Psalm 89:30-37; 1 Kings 11


1. Success and Failure

Both are possible

a) Moses and Joshua

They succeeded

b) Post Joshua era


2. Failure of the first king of Israel

Success in the hands of David

3. Success in David’s reign

Failure in the reign of Solomon



1. Failure of the next generations warned

“If his sons forsake…” Psalm 89:30a

2. List of sins that could take place

a) Forsaking God’s laws

“If his sons forsake My laws” Psalm 89:30a

b) Setting aside God’s judgments

“And do not walk in My judgments” Psalm 89:30b

c) Breaking God’s statutes

“If they break My statutes” Psalm 89:31a

d) Not keeping God’s commandments

“And do not keep My commandments” Psalm 89:31b

3. These sins were not new sins

a) These sin problems were there in the days of Moses

b) They continue to challenge the nation and its leaders



1. Punishment forewarned

a) “Then I will punish their transgressions with the rod” Psalm 89:32a

b) “And their iniquity with stripes” Psalm 89:32b

2. Chastisement was encased in Proverbial sayings

a) It is called “the chastening of the LORD” Proverbs 3:11a

b) It is to be understood as “correction” Proverbs 3:11b

c) It is done out of love Proverbs 3:12a

d) It is a Father-son relationship chastisement Proverbs 3:12b



1. His heart

“His heart had turned from the LORD God of Israel” 1 Kings 11:9

2. Idolatry

“And had commanded him concerning this thing,

That he should not go after other gods” 1 Kings 11:10a

3. Disobedience

“But he did not keep what the LORD had commanded” 1 Kings 11:10b

4. Covenant broken

“Because you have done this, and have not kept

My covenant and My statutes” 1 Kings 11:11a

5. Consequences

“I will surely tear the kingdom away from you

And give it to your servant” 1 Kings 11:11b



1. God’s lovingkindness

“Nevertheless My lovingkindness I will not

Utterly take away from him” Psalm 89:33a

2. God’s faithfulness

“Nor allow My faithfulness to fail” Psalm 89:33b

3. Davidic covenant will not be broken

“My covenant I will not break” Psalm 89:34a

4. No alteration of the Covenant word

“Nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips” Psalm 89:34b

5. Keeping a Sacred oath

“Once I have sworn in My holiness

I will not lie to David.” Psalm 89:35
6. A Messianic Component

“His seed shall endure forever

And His throne as the sun before Me” Psalm 89:36

It shall be established forever like the moon,

Even like the faithful witness in the sky” Psalm 89:37



1. To learn from Failure

a) Humility

b) Hope

2. To learn from Success

a) Faith strengthened

b) Prayer and meditation renewed

3. To find renewed Hope

In the Lord

b) In His Word of promise