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“Let the LORD set a man over the congregation” Numbers 27:15-17

“Let the LORD set a man over the congregation” Numbers 27:15-17


1. Moses, the man of God

a) Known for his vast and deep knowledge

b) Known also for being a man of prayer

2. God honoured him

a) Faithfulness

 “He is faithful in all My house” Numbers 12:7

b) Face to face

“I speak with him face to face” Numbers 12:8



1. A prayer for God to select the next leader

“Let the LORD, the God of the spirits of all flesh,

Set a man over the congregation” Numbers 27:16

a) Appeal to God

b) Addressing God

i) The LORD

ii) The God of the spirits of all flesh

c) God alone knows the spirit of man

2. A prayer for a man to be set over the congregation

a) He will be “over the congregation”

i) Leadership

ii) Spiritual authority

b) To be “set”

i) Selected

ii) Confirmed

iii) Established

3. The Ministry of the spiritual leader

a) Leadership I: Pioneering

i) “Who may go out before them” Numbers 27:17a

ii) “And go in before them” Numbers 27:17b

b) Leadership II: Shepherding

i) “Who may lead them out” Numbers 27:17c

ii) “And bring them in” Numbers 27:17d

c) The Congregation: The Flock of God

i) “That the congregation of the LORD” Numbers 27:17e

ii) “May not be like sheep which have no shepherd” Numbers 27:17f



1. A prayer that reflected Wisdom

a) The need for a leader

b) The necessity of having a leader with the appropriate qualities

2. A prayer that reflected Experience

a) Moses had been that Pioneer

b) He had been a good shepherd.

c) He knew the heavy demands of the ministry

3. A prayer that reflected Responsibility

a) A flock without a good shepherd would be vulnerable

b) A flock without a brave and skilful shepherd puts the flock in danger



1. Moses did not orientate his mind towards anyone in particular

a) There were “leaders” who served with him

These had the following qualities

i) Able men

ii) Fear God

iii) Men of truth

iv) Hating covetousness Exodus18:21a

b) They were appointed rulers

i) Of thousands

ii) Of hundreds

iii) Of fifties

iv) Of tens Exodus 18:21b

2. There were bad experiences

a) There were “heads of the children of Israel” Numbers 13:3

i) They were chosen to represent their tribes

ii) They were sent out as spies

iii) They refused to lead Israel into Canaan

iv) They died by the plague Numbers 14:37

b) A bad Experience

i) With the sons of Korah Numbers 16:1

ii) 250 leaders of the congregation

These were “men of renown” Numbers 16:2

iii) They had gathered together

against Moses and Aaron Numbers 16:3

iv) These rebels were destroyed

by the Lord

v) The earth split open Numbers 16:31

vi) Fire came from the Lord Numbers 16:35



1. Let us not take Pastoral Leadership for granted

2. Pray for the Pastoral Leadership of our IPC Family

3. Pray for the Lord to choose and anoint His servants