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“Justified by His grace” Titus 3

“Justified by His grace” Titus 3


1. There are a number of words closely associated with Salvation

a) Salvation

i) To save from sin

ii) To save from destruction

iii) To save from ruin

iv) To rescue

a) Redemption

i) To regain

ii) To gain something back

iii) Payment of a price

b) Justification

i) To declare righteous

ii) To stand righteous before God

iii) To be declared “just” by God

iv) To stand as “just” before God

c) Sanctification

i) To declare holy

ii) To be called “saints”

iii) To make holy

iv) To become holier

2. All the words are profound and precious



1. The doctrine of Justification was wonderfully expounded

a) By the Apostle Paul

b) In the Epistle to the Romans especially

2. It was proclaimed as part and parcel of the Gospel message

a) I am ready to preach the gospel Romans 1:15

b) I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ Romans 1:16a

c) It is the power of God to salvation

for everyone who believes Romans 1:16b

i) For the Jew first

ii) And also for the Greek (Gentiles)

3. It is the same Message of salvation

a) Revealed from faith to faith

i) Faith in the Old Testament days

ii) Faith in the New Testament days

b) The truth to be proclaimed always

“The Just shall live by faith” Romans 1:17b

4. A key word: “Faith”

a) Faith in God

b) Faith in God’s word

c) Faith in His plan of salvation

d) Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour

e) We will be justified by God when we have a genuine faith in Christ

f) This doctrine contradicts the proposition of salvation by works

b) No one is justified by works Galatians 2:16



“Having been Justified by His grace” Titus 3:7

1. The role of Faith in Justification is well-established

2. An additional Insight

a) Justification by God’s grace

b) How should we understand this statement?

3. The Order of things

a) The Spirit of God has been poured out

b) We have been justified by God’s grace

c) Faith is essentially our response to what God has done

i) He has provided a Saviour

ii) He has shown mercy

iii) He has given grace to be saved



1. To prevent any inordinate emphasis on human faith

2. The focus of Justification

a) God

b) The Lord Jesus Christ

c) The Holy Spirit

d) Grace and mercy

3. Nevertheless Faith in God is necessary to highlight



1. A deeper knowledge of the profound salvation we have in Christ Jesus

2. A greater appreciation of the Doctrine of Justification