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“In His law he meditates day and night” Psalm 1

“In His law he meditates day and night” Psalm 1


1. Some Goals to consider in this new series of Messages

a) Learning about Biblical Meditation

b) Clearing up misconceptions

c) Establishing the practice of Biblical Meditation

2. Good Possible Outcomes

a) A deeper faith

b) A stronger outlook

c) A greater sense of well-being



1. The main features

a) Prayers

b) Meditations/ Contemplations

c) Praise

d) Instruction

2. The Significance of the Psalms

a) Human experience

b) Candid and sincere thoughts

3. Important contributions

a) Insights

b) Inspiration



1. Of a man who is blessed

a) “Blessed is the man” Psalm 1:1a

b) He is blessed because of what he does not do Psalm 1:1

i) He does not walk in the counsel of ungodly

ii) He does not stand in the path of sinners

iii) He does not sit in the seat of the scornful

c) He is blessed because of what he does Psalm 1:2

i) He delights in the law of the LORD

ii) In God’s law he meditates day and night

2. Of a man who is deeply-rooted Psalm 1:3

a) Like a tree planted by the rivers of water

b) That brings forth its fruit in its season

c) Whose leaf also shall not wither

d) And whatsoever he does shall prosper

3. These blessings are promised

a) To the righteous

b) To the one who delights in God’s law

c) To the one who meditates on it day and night



1. The ungodly are offered in contrast Psalm 1:4

a) The ungodly and the sinners identified together

b) They are compared to chaff driven away by the wind

2. The future of the ungodly and sinful Psalm 1:5

a) They will not stand in the final judgment

b) They will not stand in the congregation of the righteous



1. The way of the righteous

a) God knows the way of the righteous

b) He will bless

2. The way of the ungodly

a) It will perish

b) No blessing would be given



1. Commencement

a) To read

b) To understand

c) To believe

2. Continuing Work

a) To Meditate

i) To think further

ii) To think deeper

iii) To be impacted

b) Day and night

i) To comprehend the Law

ii) To appreciate its value and insights

iii) To dwell on the Word

iv) To be enlightened



1. Life and the Lord’s word are related

2. The Lord’s word deserves Meditation

3. Meditation will affect our life

4. It would result in God’s blessings!