Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church


“Heirs according to the hope of eternal life” Titus 3

“Heirs according to the hope of eternal life” Titus 3


1. Our focus in November 2020

a) God and His mercy and love

b) The Salvation He gives

c) The Holy Spirit that He has graciously given to us

2. Our Focus in December 2020

a) The adoption of sons

b) Being heirs of God



1. That we become children of God

2. That we become heirs of God



1. Faith in God

a) Faith in God

b) Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

c) Faith in the promise of God that we would have eternal life

2. Hope in God

a) Faith gives rise to Hope in God

b) Hope is faith not yet realised

3. Hope of eternal life

a) Eternal life cannot be fully comprehended by the human intellect

b) The finite mind cannot grasp that which is infinity (eternal)

c) It would require faith and hope to understand the idea of eternal life



1. The Commencement of this Hope in God

a) Faith of God’s elect Titus 1:1a

b) And the acknowledgment of the truth Titus 1:1b

c) Which accords with godliness Titus 1:1c

2. The Content of this Hope in God

a) In hope of eternal life Titus 1:2a

b) Which God, who cannot lie promised before time began Titus 1:2b

3. Cultivation of this Hope

a) Looking for the blessed hope Titus 2:13a

b) And glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ Titus 2:13b

4. Confidence of this Hope

a) Heirs according to the hope of eternal life Titus 3:7

b) This hope is a confirmed teaching



1. What does it mean to be Heirs of God

2. It is tied in to the work of Salvation the Lord planned

a) The grace of God at work

i) It brings salvation

ii) It has appeared to all mankind Titus 2:11

iii) God’s work of grace was meant to be displayed in our life

b) The work of the Lord Jesus Christ

i) He gave Himself for us

ii) That He might redeem us from every lawless deed

We must seek to live as Redeemed people

c) And purify for Himself

i) His own special people

ii) Zealous for good works

Our lives must reflect that we are God’s Heirs, His special people



1. Being heirs is not just about what we inherit

2. It is about:

a) Who we are

b) How we should live in the world

c) How we are to reflect God in the good works we do