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“He shall cry to Me, ‘You are My Father” Psalm 89:24-29; 1 Samuel 16; 2 Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17

“He shall cry to Me, ‘You are My Father” Psalm 89:24-29; 1 Samuel 16; 2 Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17


1. God set the following over His congregation:

a) Moses

b) Joshua

c) David

They succeeded in the ministry entrusted to them!

2. Their success stories are worth studying

a) There were principles

b) There were practices

c) These helped them to succeed



1. The Role of the Spirit of the LORD

a) In the life of Saul

i) “The Spirit of the LORD will come upon you” 1 Samuel 10:6a

ii) “And you will prophesy” 1 Samuel 10:6b

iii) “And be turned into another man” 1 Samuel 10:6c

b) In the life of David

i) “The Spirit of the LORD came upon David

from that day onward” 1 Samuel 16:13

ii) Commencement

ii) Continuing work

c) What went wrong with Saul’s life?

i) He commenced

ii) He did not continue

iii) He chose to disobey 1 Samuel 15:23

2. The Application of a Courageous Faith

a) Defeating a lion 1 Samuel 17:36a

b) Defeating a bear 1 Samuel 17:36b

c) Defying Goliath 1 Samuel 17:36c

3. The Practice of Wisdom

a) David “behaved wisely” 1 Samuel 18:5

b) David behaved wisely in all his ways 1 Samuel 18:14a

c) “The LORD was with him” 1 Samuel 18:14b



1. The Practice of humility 2 Samuel 7

a) God’s Word to David through the prophet Nathan

b) Key term used by the LORD

“My servant David” 2 Samuel 7:5, 8

c) David’s response to God

i) “Who am I, O LORD God?

And what is my house that You have brought me This far? 2 Samuel 7:18

ii) “Your servant’s house” 2 Samuel 7:19

iii) “Your servant” 2 Samuel 7:20, 21

d) Many made mistakes and committed dreadful sins

But he was humble enough to confess and seek forgiveness and cleansing!

2. The Practice of a very personal Faith-Relationship with God Psalm 89:26

a) David to God

i) Father

“He shall cry to Me,

‘You are my Father” Psalm 89:26a

ii) A personal relationship with God

“My God” Psalm 89:26b

iii) Rock

“Rock of my salvation” Psalm 89:26c

b) God to David

i) Firstborn

“And I will make him My firstborn” Psalm 89:27a

ii) Highest king

“The highest of the kings of the earth” Psalm 89:27b

iii) Mercy

“My mercy I will keep for him forever” Psalm 89:28a

iv) Covenant

“And My covenant shall stand firm With him” Psalm 89:28b

v) Seed

“His seed also I will make to endure Forever” Psalm 89:29a

vi) Throne

“And his throne as the days of heaven” Psalm 89:29b



1. The Challenge

a) To commence and to Continue

b) To conclude well

2. Cultivation of a strong personal faith-relationship with God