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“Eyewitnesses and ministers of the word” Luke 1:1-4

“Eyewitnesses and ministers of the word” Luke 1:1-4


1. The writing of a book

Many things are needed:

a) Theme

b) Content

c) Knowledge

d) Skill

2. Research is of Critical importance

a) Gospels are Semi-Biographies

i) Biography

ii) Teachings

b) Luke’s Research

i) Eyewitnesses

ii) Ministers of the word



1. Character is of great significance

2. Choosing the Eyewitnesses

3. Credentials must be credible



1. His profession/ vocation

a) He was a priest Luke 1:5a

b) His division: Abijah Luke 1:5b

2. His wife, Elizabeth

a) One of the daughters of Aaron Luke 1:5c

b) She came from a devout priestly family

3. A brief description of their lives

a) Both righteous before God Luke 1:6a

i) Not just before men

ii) But before God

iii) They lived a life of righteousness

b) Walking in all the commandments

and ordinances of the Lord Luke 1:6b

i) Walking

A symbolic word for “living”

ii) Commandments

There were many commandments

To keep

iii) Ordinances

These were “extra” or “add on” laws

c) They were blameless Luke 1:6c

i) Not blameworthy

ii) Cannot be easily faulted

iii) Circumspect



1. Zacharias was also a minister of the word of God

2. The Holy Spirit in Zacharias’s Life

a) He was filled with the Holy Spirit Luke 1:67a

b) He prophesied Luke 1:67b

He was given a special revelation from God

3. What did he say about the Prophecies of old?

a) God had visited and redeemed His people Luke 1:68

b) He has raised up a horn of salvation Luke 1:69

c) God had spoken by the mouth

of the prophets Luke 1:70

i) God will save His people

from their enemies Luke 1:71

ii) He will perform His mercy

that He had promised Luke 1:72-73

iii) To give deliverance Luke 1:74

4. Fulfilment of these prophecies

a) In the context of his son John

“And you, child” Luke 1:76a

b) He will be a prophet of the Highest Luke 1:76b

c) He will go before the Lord

to prepare the way Luke 1:76c

d) He will impart knowledge

of salvation Luke 1:77

5. Special word to describe the Saviour-Messiah

a) “Dayspring from on high”

will be given through God’s tender mercy Luke 1:78

b) He will give light to those

who sit in darkness Luke 1:79a

c) Light and hope to those

in the shadow of death Luke 1:78b

d) To guide people to walk

in the way of peace Luke 1:79c


1. Certainty of our faith may be attained

2. Credentials of God’s witnesses are solid

3. The Content offered will help us to be certain of our faith in God