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“An heir of God through Christ” Galatians 4

“An heir of God through Christ” Galatians 4


1. The Doctrine of being an heir of God is wonderfully profound

2. There are many rich lessons to be discovered

3. These are to be understood and treasured



1. Is a child also an heir of God?

Yes! Galatians 4:1

2. The training of a child-heir

a) He does not differ at all from a slave Galatians 4:1a

b) Though he is master of all Galatians 4:1b

3. The child-heir is placed in the hands of guardians and stewards Galatians 4:2a

a) He will need to be taught

b) He will need to be trained

c) The guardians and stewards may even chastise the child-heir

d) The goal is clear:

i) The child must grow up well

ii) He will one day be the master of the household

iii) He must grow in wisdom

iv) He must mature well

e) Until the time appointed by the father Galatians 4:2b

4. In bondage under the elements of the world

a) Taught and trained by laws and regulations

b) Greatly restricted in movements and liberty

c) Under the law of God Galatians 4:3


1. The Lord Jesus came

a) Born of a woman

b) Born under the law Galatians 4:4

2. He came to redeem

a) Those under the law

b) That we might receive the adoption of sons Galatians 4:5

3. We become the sons of God

a) The Holy Spirit is sent forth

b) He is called “The Spirit of His Son”

c) He is sent to dwell in our hearts Galatians 4:6

d) He teaches us how to address God as “Abba, Father” Galatians 4:6

4. No longer treated as slaves

a) We are regarded as sons

b) We are heirs of God through Christ Galatians 4:7



1. We did not know God then

We served what we termed as “gods” Galatians 4:8

2. We must never go back to our old ways

a) Weak and beggarly elements Galatians 4:9

b) We must never desire to be in bondage again Galatians 4:9



1. Paul offered himself as a good example Galatians 4:12

a) He was a wonderful example

b) He was exemplary in many ways

i) In Faith

ii) In Hope

iii) In growth

iv) In life

v) In service

2. Remembering friendship with Paul

a) When Paul first preached to them Galatians 4:13

b) He was not despised then though he was physically weak Galatians 4:13-14

c) The Galatians had received Paul as if he was an angel from God Galatians 4:14b

d) They would have given their eye to Paul Galatians 4:15

e) Had he become an enemy now? Galatians 4:16

3. The evil teachers had affected them adversely

a) The false teachers were up to no good Galatians 4:17a

b) They wanted the Galatians to be zealous… for themselves and not God Galatians 4:18



1. To live in true freedom and not bondage

2. To live under the Covenant of freedom

a) Under the Heavenly Jerusalem

b) As children of promise (As Isaac was the promised son)

3. To reject

a) Bondage

b) All that is defective and false

4. Christmas celebrates the Advent of Christ

That we might become heirs of God!