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“According to His mercy He saved us” Titus 3

“According to His mercy He saved us” Titus 3


1. Our salvation may be understood from many angles

2. The following Means have been noted:

a) Saved by grace 2:8a

b) Through faith Ephesians 2:8b

3. The Saviour highlighted

a) God as Saviour 1 Timothy 1:1a

b) The Lord Jesus as Saviour too 1 Timothy 1:1b, 15



Not by works of righteousness which we have done Titus 3:5

1. The proposition of earning our salvation by works of righteousness

a) This was widely believed

b) Man can save himself

c) Man must save himself

d) If he does enough good works, he would be able to save himself

2. An examination of this proposition

a) Can Man really save himself by good works?

b) How much good must he do to merit salvation?

c) Can good works really offset sinful deeds?

d) Would there be any great confidence in this line of thought?

e) This was a popular thought in Paul’s time

f) Many held fast to this thought

3. Paul’s answer to this proposition was to recount his personal life

a) We are of the circumcision Philippians 3:3a

b) Though I might also have confidence in the flesh Philippians 3:4

i) Circumcised the eighth day Philippians 3:5a

ii) Of the stock of Israel Philippians 3:5b

iii) Of the tribe of Benjamin Philippians 3:5c

iv) A Hebrew of the Hebrews Philippians 3:5d

v) Concerning the law, a Pharisee Philippians 3:5e

c) Concerning zeal (for God)

Persecuting the church Philippians 3:6a

d) Concerning the righteousness which is by the law

blameless Philippians 3:6b



But according to His mercy He saved us Titus 3:5b

1. The Past of Paul (Saul)

a) He made havoc of the church Acts 8:3a

b) Entering every house Acts 8:3b

c) Dragging men and women,

committing them into prison Acts 8:3c

d) Still breathing threats and murder

against the disciples of the Lord Acts 9:1

How could a person like Paul be saved?

2. The Mercy of God

Features of God’s mercy

a) To forgive

b) To cleanse

c) Not to judge and condemn

d) To show grace

e) To extend love

3. The Power of God

a) To change

b) To transform

4. The Mission of God had to be experienced personally

a) To open eyes Acts 26:18a

Eyes were opened

b) To turn people from darkness to light Acts 26:18b

He turned from darkness to light

c) From the power of Satan to God Acts 26:18c

i) He was delivered from Satan

ii) He served God instead

d) That they may receive forgiveness of sins Acts 26:25d

i) Full forgiveness was obtained

ii) Joy of being fully forgiven

e) And an inheritance among those

who are sanctified in faith in Christ Acts 26:18e

i) Paul became an heir of God

ii) He was sanctified in faith in Christ



1. Seek to understand the Mercy of God

2. Plead the Mercy of God

3. God will grant great mercy

a) Salvation will be given

b) Sins would be forgiven

c) Sonship would also be given

d) We are made heirs of God

And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed,

And heirs according to the promise. Galatians 3:29