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“A man in whom is the Spirit” Numbers 27:18-23

“A man in whom is the Spirit” Numbers 27:18-23


1. God’s Response to Moses

a) It was given promptly

b) It was given in direct answer to Moses’ prayer

2. A leader had been growing in their midst

3. God revealed the identity of that leader



1. Joshua the son of Nun identified

“Take Joshua the son of Nun” Numbers 27:18a

2. A Spirit-filled Man

“A man in whom is the Spirit” Numbers 27:18b



1. A capable military leader

Joshua led a Militia army

To fight against the Amalekites successfully Exodus 17:8-16

2. An assistant to Moses

a) He was called an assistant Exodus 24:13

b) Moses was in Mt Sinai

40 days and 40 nights Exodus 24:18

c) Joshua stayed with Moses

all this while Exodus 32:17

3. Joshua was one of a few choice men

“Joshua, the son of Nun, Moses’ assistant,

One of his choice men” Numbers 11:28

a) God’s answer to Moses’ prayer for more leaders to arise to help out

i) A gathering of 70 elders

Moses was to gather 70 men of the elders of Israel

ii) God’s Personal involvement

God would come down and He would anoint them

“I will take of the Spirit that is upon you

And will put the same upon them” Numbers 11:17

b) He anointed the 70 Elders

i) The Spirit that was upon Moses

He “took of the Spirit that was upon him,

and placed the same upon the seventy elders” Numbers 11:25b

ii) A spiritual manifestation

“When the Spirit rested upon them,

that they prophesied” Numbers 11:25c

iii) A one-off experience

“Although they never did so again” Numbers 11:25d

c) Eldad and Medad

i) The two men were not among the 70 elders Numbers 11:26a

ii) The Spirit of God had come upon them too Numbers 11:26b

iii) They prophesied too Numbers 11:26c

d) Loyal to Moses

Joshua wondered if Moses should forbid them Numbers 11:28

e) A gentle word of correction from Moses

i) “Are you zealous for my sake?” Numbers 11:29a

ii) “Oh, that all the LORD’s people were prophets

and that the LORD would put His Spirit upon them” Numbers 11:29b

iii) Eldad and Medad were not to be forbidden

4. Joshua and Caleb

a) They were among the 12 spies sent out Numbers 13:1-15

i) Caleb was from Judah Numbers 13:6

ii) Hoshea (Joshua) was from Ephraim Numbers 13:8, 16

b) Caleb stood out

He spoke out with courage Numbers 13:30

c) Joshua and Caleb stood together

and encouraged the people Numbers 14:6-9

5. Commendation by God

a) Exception

“Except for Caleb the son of Jephunneh

And Joshua the son of Nun” Numbers 14:30

b) Remained alive

“But Joshua the son of Nun

And Caleb the son of Jephunneh remained alive,

Of the men who went out to spy out the land” Numbers 14:38



1. He is to be presented to Eleazar Numbers 27:19a

2. And to all the congregation Numbers 27:19b

3.He is to be inaugurated in their sight (public) Numbers 27:19c



1. Some of Moses’ authority will be given to him Numbers 27:20a

2. He shall stand before Eleazar the priest Numbers 27:21

a) He shall inquire before the LORD

b) By Urim and Thummim



1. Compliance of Moses

“So Moses did as the LORD commanded him” Numbers 27:22a

2. Joshua presented Numbers 27:22b

a) To Eleazar

b) To the congregation

3. Laying on of hands

a) So he (Moses) laid hands on him (Joshua) Numbers 27:23a; Deuteronomy 34:9b

b) Just as the LORD had commanded him Numbers 27:23b



1. The Journey of Joshua

a) A long journey

b) 40 years of serving with Moses

2. Many lessons had to be learned

a) Humility

b) Loyalty

c) Courage

d) Integrity

e) Stamina

f) Spirit-filled

3. He passed many tests

a) He lasted out where others faded away

b) He stood out among peers

c) He became the one chosen to lead the congregation of Israel