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As the Scriptures say…(24)

As the Scriptures say…(24)


Serving the Lord Jesus

If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him (John 12:26)


How do we actually serve the Lord Jesus?  We serve the Lord Jesus as we follow him as our Lord and Savior. There is no other way to rendering our services to Jesus the Lord; following Jesus Christ is the way to serve him.


If anyone serves me

  1. This is a choice made
  2. The choice is decisive and specific
    1. As it is about humble manual service (“diakone”)
    2. As it is of the interest of the Lord Jesus (“me”)
  3. This conditional sentence is applied to any of us who are
    1. Determined to serve God
    2. Committed to serving the Lord Jesus


He must follow me

  1. A person’s followership of Jesus is how he serves him(Jesus)
  2. This followership of Jesus, as for the one seeking to serve Jesus,
    1. Is more than expedient
    2. Is rather expected of him
    3. Is definitely required of him
  3. It is impossible to serve Jesus without following him, to state the obvious


And where I am, there my servant will also be

  1. Serving the Lord Jesus is a way of life characterized by
    1. A Discipler-disciple relationship
    2. A Master-servant relationship
  2. We follow Jesus as humble-common servants (“diakonos”)
  3. Our ultimate goal in life is to be like Jesus our Master-Teacher


If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him

  1. This “if” is strongly indicative of the fact that a person truly serves Jesus
  2. The Father thus will surely honor such a person serving the Lord Jesus
  3. God honors us in a variety of ways: –
    1. In answering our prayers (Matt.6:6)
    2. In giving us rewards (Matt.6:3-4)
    3. In making our labors bear much fruits (John 12:24)
    4. In granting us life to live in full (John 12:25)


Let us seek to be faithful followers of Jesus as a manner of life. This is how we are to serve him at all.

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