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As the Scriptures say…08

As the Scriptures say…08



Intimate relationship

And by this we know that we have come to know him, if we keep his commandments. Whoever says “I know him” but does keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him (1John 2:3-4)


And by this we know

  1. The phrase “by this” is
    1. Indicative of a pattern
    2. Reflective of a process
    3. Descriptive of an agency
  2. What John ascertains is that there is a way to know thing(s)
  3. Whether we actually know Jesus or not can be
    1. Checked up
    2. Verified
  4. Whether we have a close and intimate relationship with Jesus or not can also be tested and proven


That we have come to know him

  1. This is more than having mere knowledge of the Lord Jesus
  2. This is more of having a close relationship with the Lord Jesus
    1. We are to know Jesus as a person
    2. We are thus to develop an intimate relationship with Jesus
  3. Christianity does not revolve around a system of beliefs (certain core values), but is hinged on the person of the Lord Jesus
  4. How do we have such a close relationship with Jesus?


If we keep his commandments

  1. Only by keeping His commandments, then would we know Jesus
    1. Personally, b. Experientially, and c. Intimately (John 15:14)
  2. Obedience to Jesus will see us staying true and faithful to Him
  3. Anything less than obedience is a lie


Whosoever says “I know him”…

  1. Oral confession as to who Jesus is, is of importance (Rom.10:10)
  2. Moral commitment as to whatever Jesus commands is of significance
  3. Anyone confessing Jesus as the Christ would definitely
    1. Be morally committed to keeping all His commandments
    2. Be faithfully bound (enslaved) to the person of Jesus
  4. Anything other than this makes us liars
    1. We simply fail to walk the talk
    2. We are mere liars; we are neither truthful nor faithful


Obedience to Jesus is integral to discipleship. Our obedience to the Lord Jesus would see us coming to know Him better, relate to Him more closely, and serve Him more effectively.

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