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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have important announcements for Bethany Theological Seminary


A. English Special Course

  1. There will be ‘English Special Course in May’ (if the COVID-19 stops in April)
  2. There will be ‘no English Special Course in May’ (if the COVID-19 continues till May)

Note: There will be extra-English classes for new comers for the entrance exam if there is no ‘English Special Course.’


B.  Classes Begins (School Opens)

  1. The School will ‘open on June 1’ (if the COVID-19 stops in May)
  2. The School will ‘open on July 1’ (if the COVID-19 stops in June)
  3. The School will ‘open on August 1’ (if the COVID-19 stops in July)



  1. There will be ‘Distance/Correspondence Course’ (if the COVID-19 continues till August)
  2. The Distance/Correspondence Course will be programmed as follows:
  • To send ‘Hard Copies of Class Notes’ to students (by post mail)
  • To send ‘Soft Copy of Class Notes’ to student (by email)
  • Learning (through Video Record or MP4)
  • Learning (through Audio Record or MP3)
  • Lecturing (through Facebook online or LIVE)

Note: the students can inform the convenient medium through which they can learn.


D. How to Apply for New Comers (2020-2021)

  1. Online application is opened now.
  2. Online application form is available at
  3. Online application form is available with:
  • Dr. Tomas Zatel: 09444451978 (Principal)
  • Zawn Nei Cuang:09401596399 (Vice-Principal)
  • Saya Tlang Than Kim: 09254265427 (Registrar)
  1. For application form, you can inquire:


E. Fees and Funds (2020-2021)

  1. Admission: 3,000 Per semester
  2. Tuition fee: 10,000 Per subject.
  3. Sport: 3000 per Year
  4. Library: 5000 per Semester
  5. Food and Lodging: 30,000 per month.


  1. This food and lodging is for campus base
  2. Everyone can apply scholarship.


BTS Faculty Meeting Decision
3 April 2020