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As the Scriptures say…(30)

As the Scriptures say…(30)



Bearing Fruit

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whosoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing (John 15:5)


Bearing fruit as vine branches is only natural and logical. This is how we are necessarily related to Jesus the vine. Let us seek to bear much fruit by remaining true and faithful to the Lord Jesus.


I am the vine

  1. This is the last I AM sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John
  2. The ‘I AM’ sayings of Jesus stands for: –
    1. Ontological Christology (who Jesus in Himself is)
    2. Functional Christology (who Jesus the Christ is for us)
  3. Jesus being the vine is the source of life and fruition


You are the branches

  1. This is of who we are in relation to Jesus
  2. We are merely the branches abiding in the main stem –Jesus the Christ
  3. We have neither life nor name apart from Jesus the vine


Whosoever abides in me…

  1. Only those of us abiding in Jesus will have Jesus abide in them
    1. We abide in Jesus by keeping His words
    2. We have Jesus abide in us as we are having ourselves cleansed through the power of the Word (John 15:3)
  2. Only such disciples will bear fruit
    1. They will be pruned to bear more fruit (John 15:2)
    2. They will be enabled to bear much fruit when the time is right
    3. They will continue bearing fruit even in old age (Ps.92:14)
  3. Only if we are in Jesus and Jesus in us, then will we be able to live up to the name of the Lord Jesus, by which we are called


For apart from me, you can do nothing

  1. This is an inferential idea to take note of
  2. This must serve as a warning and reminder to all of us
    1. We are not what we are without Christ Jesus
    2. We are what we are only in relation to Jesus the Christ (Cf. 1Cor.15:10)
  3. It thus is crucial for us to depend upon Jesus the source of our life and light (John 1:4)


How important it is for us to stay connected to Jesus at all times! It is only in Him that we have life and light. He alone is our source to bear fruit. He alone is our reason to go about bearing fruit, more fruit and much fruit.

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