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As the Scriptures say (5)

As the Scriptures say (5)

Born Again

Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3)

Truly, truly

  1. This phrase “truly, truly” speaks of certainty with reference to the statement made
  2. The statement that follows is of great truth
  3. Jesus swears, so to speak, as he says that one must be born again so as to see the kingdom of God

I say to you

  1. This saying of Jesus is clearly addressed to Nicodemus, a ruler and rabbi of the Jews
  2. Jesus is talking to Nicodemus directly, assuredly and intensely
  3. Nicodemus is being told and taught
    1. It must be quite a humbling experience for Nicodemus (John 3:10)
    2. It must also be truly a puzzle for him to think through (John 3:4,7)
  4. After all, what Jesus says has everything to do with light and life (John 1:4, cf. 19:39)
    1. Nicodemus must have thought through what “born again” meant
    2. Nicodemus must have come to have faith in Jesus

Unless one is born again…

  1. This phrase “born again” means ‘being born from above’
    1. One must be born of God (John 1:13)
    2. Being born of God, one has become a “born again” Christian
  2. One must be born again to “see the kingdom of God”
    1. Sight is characteristic of being a ‘born again’ person
    2. Light we have in Jesus symbolizes our new understanding (2 Cor.5:16)
  3. Seeing God’s kingdom is not just believing its reality (or existence); to see the kingdom of God is the same as entering into it (John 3:5)
  4. Entering into God’s kingdom,
    1. We behold God (and His glory)
    2. We enjoy God (and His reign)


  1. Being born again is possible only with God; no one knows exactly how it happens (See, John 3:8)
  2. We must not neglect such a salvation we have in Christ Jesus (Hebrews 2:3)
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