Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church





In all our Tribulations


In all the tribulations, the God of all comfort is found

By those who hold on to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

Amidst all their trials and temptations


In all the tribulations, Father of all mercies is discovered

By those who diligently search for God in all the Scriptures

Despite all their pains and problems


In all our tribulations, we are comforted time and again

As our leaders, good and godly, lead us well and worthily

Charting the course for our own good


In all our tribulations, we are strengthened and blessed

As our fellow-workers remain loyal and supportive to us

Taking sides with that which is true


In all our tribulations, we are encouraged and refreshed

As our pupils learn to follow us in terms of faith and work

Teaching the faithful to do the same


In all our tribulations, we are consoled and enabled

As the Holy Spirit comes alongside us as the Comforter

Empowering us to live as we are meant


In all our tribulations, we are truly comforted by God Himself

As God’s people do their parts individually and faithfully

Rendering their reasonable service



Inspiration from 2 Corinthians 1:1-4; 2 Timothy 2:2; John 14:26; Phil. 4:14-17
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

24 May 2020

Faith and Its Law


Faith is authored by God Himself

It has come to us through the hearing of the Word

This is how God has given us this gift of faith

That we may live by faith in Christ alone


Faith has its law taught in the Word

It is diametrically opposed to the law of works

This is how grace and faith stand in harmony

That we may be saved through grace in Christ


The law of faith concerns how grace operates

Justification is not merited by works or works of the law

Abraham believed, and he was counted righteous

Whatever is of faith is also of grace indeed



Faith is part and parcel of God’s grace given to us all in Christ Jesus

That we may be saved by grace and live by faith in Jesus the Son of God!




Inspiration from Romans 3:27
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

03 May 2020

The Lord Reigns


Life may be harsh and tough from time to time

We may have to walk under the valley of the shadow of death

But there will always be a light for us in the dark hour

Because the Lord our God reigns supreme in this life

This is what we must hold very dear to our heart and mind


Dreams are thwarted, and plans are stalled at times

There may come a time for us to lose and fail in this present life

But here comes a silver lining for us despite the thick cloud

Because the Lord our God reigns sovereign in history

This is how we will go on, trusting in God and His Word


Qualms and doubts arise, hence; disturbing us many times

Midlife crisis is not foreign to all of us regardless of age and status

We must learn to walk worthy of God in all humility

Because the Lord our God reigns now and forevermore

This is how we become ones among Moses, Aaron and Samuel



Inspiration from Psalm 99:1, 6
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

03 May 2020

Good Friday



The hour has finally come for Jesus to drink the cup of suffering

This is none other than the cup of judgement, full of the horrible wrath of God

Would Jesus rue the day?

He could if He were to choose not to redeem you and me

That would truly be a day of doom and darkness


The Son of Man must fulfill what was written of Him in the Scriptures

As it has been written of Him, Jesus the Lord of glory is to be stricken by God Himself

Could Jesus ruin the plan?

He could if He were to leave our destiny to you and me

That would really be a day of loss and sorrow


Today is Friday, a day before the Sabbath, for the Jews, then and now

Jesus has paid “the wages of sin” in full, fulfilling all the Scriptures foretold of Him

“It’s finished,” He said

He has accomplished the redemptive works for you and me

This makes today Good Friday for us all



Inspiration from John 19:30
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

03 May 2020



G – God has always been good and kind to us

Despite all our faults and fouls;

He has persistently sought to make us (the dead) alive in Christ Jesus,

Though we were ignorantly wicked in His sight


R –  Running against that which is evil is all God embraces

So that He may defeat and end it forever;

He foreordained Christ for our redemption, having our debts paid in full on the Cross

While we were still sinners in His very sight


A –  Against is a preposition used to speak of negative reactions

To anything or anybody we encounter;

God has battled against Satan and his cohorts, enabling us to believe in Jesus,

Who alone is the Christ of the living God


C –  Corruption in all degrees is the essence of life after the Fall

This truth is witnessed by all in words and deeds;

God has begotten us in Christ anew, teaching us to walk worthy

Of His grace and mercy undeservedly given


E –  Eden was a garden our first parents were placed

To toil and till within the Divine rule;

Adam and Eve had corrupted themselves, when they chose to be deaf and blind to God

Eden became a symbol of separation and death


God runs against (the) corrupt Eden!



Inspiration from Titus 2:11 -12
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

03 May 2020

Count It All Joy


Count it all joy when you are faced with various trials

God is behind all of these, orchestrating all that come to your way

This is how He will make you a fisher of man


Count it all joy when you suffer wrongs from all sides of life

God is in control of all, waiting for you to turn to Him in time

You are called to commit to Him as your Judge


Count it all joy when your faith is being tested

God is having your faith proven true and precious for life and ministry

This is how you will end up being saved, after all


Count it all joy if you know that you lack wisdom from above

God is more than pleased to grant you wisdom when you ask for it in faith

God is truly generous and kind to the faithful


Count it all joy if you are materially literally poor

God has chosen you to be rich in faith instead for your own good

Blessed are you who love God amidst all poverty




Inspiration from James 1-2, 1 Peter 2
By Pastor Tomas Zatel

26 April 2020